Packing and mounting

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Steel panel radiators of "Lidea" are delivered in the full building readiness, painted and packed. Radiators "Lidea" are packed into bubble wrap. Radiators corners are protected with the plastic corners. Branch pipes of radiators are closed with plastic plugs. Atop radiators are packed into shrink film. A set of fastening is packed and delivered together with each radiator. The set of fastening consists of 2 wall brackets and hardware to them, a plug and a air-release valve at length of a radiator from 400 to 1700 mm. The set of fastening consists of 3 wall brackets and hardware to them, a plug and a air-release valve at length of a radiator from 1700 to 3000 mm.

Installation and operation of the heating system should be implemented in accordance with the requirements of applicable building codes (regulations, standards). Any changes of the project (replacement of heating equipment, installation of valves, etc.) should be consistent with the operational entities responsible for the operation of the heating system.


During installing of radiators specialist should be attracted, who has a license issued by a public authority to carry out these works. Transport, storage and installation of steel panel radiators must be done properly, eliminating the mechanical damage, breach of paint coat, moisture and corrosive environments (for example, fresh mortar of cement or concrete solidifying).

Installation of radiators should be done at prepared (plastered and painted) surfaces of walls. Installation is carried out only with company fastening, on which radiators are mounted. On the back side of all radiators wall mounting brackets are welded with brackets supplied by the manufacturer together with radiators.


For floor installation of radiators floor mounting brackets can be used supplied on special order. For optimal air convection it is recommended to mount radiators from the floor to the bottom of the radiator at the distance 100 - 150 mm, the distance from the top of the radiator to window should be min 100 mm.

Cut back packing for mounting a radiator on the mounting brackets. The rest packing leave until you finish decorating a room. Upon finishing of installation mounted radiator must be tested with the preparation of an accepting list.