Operation conditions

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Steel panel radiators "Lidea" are intended for application in independent heating water systems of inhabited, administrative and public buildings.

For increase of operational reliability steel panel radiators "Lidea" are recommended to use in heating systems only with the independent scheme of connection, equipped, in particular, with the closed expansion vessel.

The given type of radiators is applied in one-pipe and two-pipe heating systems with horizontal and vertical seating of the pipe ducts uniting heating devices.

Radiators can be applied both in pumping or elevator, and in gravitational heating systems.
Recommended schemes of heating systems and joining of radiators "Lidea" to them are same, as well as for all other heating devices with four tapping on corners, and also do not need special explanations.

In case of bottom connection radiators "Lidea Compact" usually are joined to feeding connection by means of the H-view lock valve which can be used in one-pipe and in two-pipe heating systems.

Full drain water from the heating system is not allowed, except for emergency cases. In case of evacuation systems, for example, during repair work, water should be removed only from the part where it is necessary. After finishing of repair work, emptying part of the system should be re-filled with water. When removing air, use a screwdriver or special key.

During the operation of radiators, surface of panels and the inner part of convector should be cleaned regularly from dust and other contaminants.
It is permitted to use radiators "Lidea" in heating systems, filled with low-freezing heat-exchange fluid.