Benefits of radiators "Lidea"

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1. Quality.

For the production of radiators "Lidea" high quality materials and latest technology of welding and painting are used.

2. Efficiency.

Radiators "Lidea" are filled with less quantity of heat-exchange fluid, what requires less energy consumption for heating.

3. Good heat dissipation.

Steel panel radiators "Lidea" have a low thermal inertia and good heat dissipation.

4. Utility.

Steel panel radiators "Lidea" have a removable top grille and side panels, which makes health care easier.

5. Universality.

Steel panel radiators "Lidea" are mounted simply and easily into systems running on any fuel.

6. Aesthetic qualities.

Design of steel panel radiators "Lidea" allows you to fit perfectly into an interior of any accommodations, making them more comfortable and cozy.